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ireland 2022

veterans rugby festival

Play a few rugby matches in the true spirit of Vets Rugby, then re-live some of the highlights and stories of old in the clubhouse or one or more of the endless public establishments that Dublin has to offer its visitors. Sit back and enjoy a pint or two of the black stuff and tap your foot to the sounds of traditional Irish tunes being played by passing musicians.

Remember the days when we had a ball on and off the field? Playing the game we love alongside the best of mates & sharing all the good times afterwards? With Grandmasters of Sport, you can relive those glory days in Dublin for this inaugural tournament. Meet old friends and create new ones. Share an experience that will build lifelong memories and lasting friendships.

The festival will be held in St Mary’s RFC, one of Ireland’s leading rugby clubs. Located in Dublin’s leafy south suburbs it has an excellent clubhouse and facilities for all participants to make use of.

Get involved, plant the idea into your veterans team’s heads. Put your team together and join in the fun and festivities alongside your fellow veterans from South & North America, South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom and of course Ireland. Play matches in the spirit of Grandmasters of Sport with adapted tackle laws for some of us older players.

  • 28th October – 31st October 2022

  • Veterans Rugby Festival
  • Live Music
  • Food Vans, Catering and Full Bar
the fair city


A small capital city with a world famous reputation, Dublin has a mix of culture and hedonism that will not disappoint. Founded by the Vikings in the 9th century, the city is a living museum of its history since then, with medieval castles and cathedrals on display alongside the architectural splendours of its 18th-century heyday.
Witty and amiable, Dubliners at their ease are the greatest hosts of all, a charismatic bunch with compelling soul and sociability. If you can get chatting to some of the locals in one of Dublin’s countless pubs, you know it’s going to be a good night. Every Dubliner has their favourite haunt, from the never-changing traditional pub to whatever new opening is bringing in the beautiful people. With more than 1000 of them spread about the city, you’ll be spoilt for choice.
Play and stay


After the fun and festivities it is just as important to have a comfortable and relaxing place to recharge your batteries. With this in mind we have arranged a range of superb accommodation to meet your needs.
  • Plaza Academy Hotel
  • The Fleet Hotel
  • Ashling Hotel
  • Ashling Hotel

  • Plaza academy Hotel


grandmasters of sport

ireland 2022


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